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House in Kyiv (1908 – 1931)

House in Kyiv (1908 – 1931) - M. S.…

This house is located in Kyiv at the address Pankovska str., 9.

It was built in the early 20th century as a wing of the estate and is located in the courtyard of modern facade building on Pankovska 9.

In 1908 M. S. Hrushevsky purchased the estate with this house, and in 1910 finished construction of new large apartment building, where he lived himself. This great house was burned in January 1918 as a result of the shelling of the Russian troops and in 1921 dismantled. In a fire destroyed the personal library and collection M. S. Hrushevsky.

In 1924, after returning from exile to Kyiv M. S. Hrushevsky and his family settled in preserved wing and lived here until 1931.

Today in this building situated a memorial museum M. S. Hrushevsky.

More about this house – at the site "".

Photo by M. I. Zharkikh, July 4, 2008.