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M.Hrushevsky's sign from mid-1890th

Mykhailo Sergijovych Hrushevsky (1866–1934) is an outstanding Ukrainian historian, specialist in literature, writer, publicist, public man, and statesman.

Mykhailo Hrushevski possessed inherited love to his country – Ukraine, all his acts, both great and small, being elucidated by his profound patriotic feelings. His fate, his destination were to become a custodian of the Ukraine’s national dignity, to assure for each Ukrainian human the right to be proud of being Ukrainian.

That is why all his projects – beginning from his fundamental “History of Ukraine-Rus”, Taras Shevchenko Scientific Society (actual Ukrainian Academy of Sciences), and such a unique phenomenon as Hrushevski’s scientific school, the first Ukrainian Parliament – so-called Ukrainian Central Rada (Central Legislative Council) – up to the smallest published note obeyed to the single objective: they were to “promote the national renaissance of Ukraine”. It is worth to understand M.Hrushevski was always working sincerely and with great passion.

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The objective of this project is to give to our readers the information, as full as possible, about M.S.Hrushevski, the information being easy accessible and gratis. We plan to publish his complete works, letters, documents concerning his scientific, public, and state-creating activities as well as scientific and popular publications helping to understand the significance of his personality; photo-gallery of portraits, autographs, and editions, M.Hrushevs’ki’s memorable places and monuments; a reference book containing names of persons, geographic names, editions, institutions etc. connected with M.Hrushevs’ki’s activities.

The collection of M.Hrushevs’ki’s works being now publishing in Lviv must become a foundation of this Project. In 2001–2012, only 12 volumes included in 50 planned ones have been published; that is why it is impossible to wait the completion of this edition before 2050. Not all readers of our site are so patient and able to expect up to the middle of the 21st century; so we are going to use all other accessible publications of M.Hrushevs’ki’s works, letters, and documents.

That is why the degree of editorial treatment of different texts in our site may be quite different. We tried, as far as possible, to publish them according to contemporary requirements for academic publications.

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raison Highlighted words, which are explained. To see these explanations, one should move the mouse on the word – an explanation will appear in the hint bubble. In this way, given translations of foreign words (not to clog the main text) and rarely used synonyms of ukrainian words. To quotations I indicates the citation source.
[Note] In brackets on the darker background are given own notes of M.Hrushevsky to his works.
[Note] In brackets in gray are given editor's notes.

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This site is elaborated by

– collaborators of the M.S.Hrushevs’ki Institute of Ukrainian Archeography and source studies, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, under the guidance of Dr (PhD);

– collaborators of the Kyiv M.S.Hrushev’ki Museum, under the guidance of this Museum Director Svitlana Pan’kova;

– collaborators of a media publishing house “Myslene drevo”, under the guidance of Dr. (PhD, chemical sciences).


We invite all the persons interested in Mykhailo Hrushevski inheritance to take part in this site elaboration. You may help if you send us your papers (investigations) of scientific or popular character concerning M.Hrushevski and his environment (they are to be published in this site), electronic copies of rarity publications (they are to be used for further site enlargement), photos of memorial residences and landscapes as well as monuments of M.Hrushevski (they are to be published in our photo-gallery).

We will be also indebted for your material help in any way; we are also ready to discuss all your propositions concerning collaboration. Send them, please, using the mail form.

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