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Photos of M. S. Hrushevsky's monuments placed in accordance with the chronology of their construction.

Monument to M.Hrushevsky in Lviv erected in 1991  1994 years (sculptors D.Krvavych, M.Posikira, L.Yaremchuk, architect V.Kamenschyk).

1994, Lviv

Monument to M. Hrushevsky in Kyiv. Authors  sculptor Vladimir Chepelyk, architects Nicholas Sour, Ruslan Kuharenko, Yuriy Melnychuk, engineer Nikolai Pechenov.

1998, Kyiv

Monument to M.Hrushevsky in Lutsk opened in 2002. Sculptor  Jaroslav Skakun, architect  Androsh Bidzilya.

2002, Luck

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