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Mykhajlo Hrushevsky

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1998, Kyiv

Monument to M. S. Hrushevsky - 1998,…

Monument to M. Hrushevsky in Kyiv

Authors – sculptor Vladimir Chepelyk, architects Nicholas Sour, Ruslan Kuharenko, Yuriy Melnychuk, engineer Nikolai Pechenov. The total height of the monument is 4.8 meters, height of sculpture – 3.3 m; diameter pedestal – 3,3 m. It was built in 1998 near the house of Pedagogical Museum (Volodymyrska str., 57). In this house in 1917 – 1918 worked Central Council, whose chairman was M. S. Hrushevsky.

Photo by N. I. Zharkikh, July 19, 2007.

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